Enrollment at Sts Peter & Paul

Become part of a community of believers made up of many diverse backgrounds brought together in a loving and safe learning environment. Our community extends to the families of these students, creating a culture of learning, faith, and care that allows students to excel in all subjects.

Dual Language Immersion

Registration opens January 29th for our 2018 - 2019 Dual Language Immersion program.

Preschool Registration Requirements

Age for 4 and 5 year-old Preschool

Children must be at least four years old prior to July 31 to enroll in 4 and 5 year-old programs.

Bathroom Policy

Children MUST be fully toilet trained prior to the start of school.

Immunization Records

A copy of your child’s immunization record must be obtained from your doctor prior to beginning preschool.

Children's Scholarship Fund

We are very blessed and fortunate to have a partnership with the Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha (CSF). The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha provides tuition assistance scholarships so children from ALL families can access private or parochial schools like Sts. Peter and Paul.

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Latino Catholic School’s Scholarship Fund Organization

At Sts. Peter and Paul, we are also very blessed to offer tuition assistance and scholarship help for our Latino families. If you are a Latino family and are interested in the Latino Catholic School’s Scholarship Fund Organization (LCSFO) help, please call the office at 402-731-4713 and we can help you apply or answer any questions.

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