Faith In Every Part of Our School

Faith isn't just a part of our curriculum, it is the reason for our existence and the foundation for everything we do and say. Faith is integrated into all subjects. It is found in every classroom, taught through service projects, and realized with the caring adults that guide our students.

Faith is core to our culture, and our staff is committed to growing each student's faith by educating them on Catholic teachings and living according to the principles Jesus taught.

We want to give our students the gifts of being prayerful and stewards within our community. A complete religion curriculum is in place to support and assist staff members in their teachings.

The Omaha Catholic School Consortium

The Omaha Catholic School Consortium provides academic, administrative and financial support to its member schools to ensure students have access to an exceptional education in a nurturing and culturally unique environment, where they are encouraged to explore their Catholic faith and become Disciples of Christ. We are committed to Catholic education that will thrive in our community for generations to come.

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