Our Mission

Sts. Peter and Paul, inspired by our Catholic faith and importance in the South Omaha Community, is dedicated to fostering leaders to live by Jesus’s Golden Rule and practicing strong work ethics in academics and service to others. Our curriculum is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education. Subjects include math, language arts, religion, social studies, science, fine arts, and physical education.

Curriculum Highlights


Faith in education, education in faith.

Library & Technology

Computer programing taught by a dedicated media center staff.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Dynamic grade school preparation.

Reading Intervention

ELL/ESL designed for success.

Omaha Catholic School Consortium

The Mission of the Catholic School Consortium is to challenge all students to be disciples of Jesus Christ by empowering them to reach their fullest potential through quality academics, spiritual, and social experience.

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A Letter From Our Principal

My name is Andrew Bauer, and I am the principal of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School. It is an honor and a privilege to serve the South Omaha community. At Sts. Peter and Paul, we strive to provide a excellent education rooted in our Catholic faith.

At Sts. Peter and Paul, we pride ourselves on taking a community approach to education, and we partner with parents to ensure that each child not only develops academically, but also every child is able to deepen their faith and pray serve and love others as Jesus taught us.

We are extremely blessed with a dedicated and talented faculty and staff who put the needs of each child first, and I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our school’s website and we hope that if you have any questions, you do not hesitate to call us or stop by so we can share with you the many blessings of our school community.

Yours in prayer, service and love,

Andrew Bauer, M.S.,M.Ed.

3 Keys To Success At Sts. Peter and Paul

High Expectations

Sts. Peter and Paul strives for excellence in everything we do. Starting with our Faith-based curriculum, this emphasis extends to every facet of our school. Students that attend Sts. Peter and Paul on average test higher on standardized test, and are better prepared for higher education.


With such a diverse student body, Sts. Peter and Paul School strives to bring everyone together in a familial atmosphere that promotes growth, community, accountability, and friendship.

Forward Looking

With the integration of technology in our classrooms, Sts. Peter and Paul prepares students for the future by giving them the tools and training to form a strong foundation in education.

Sycamore Education

Sycamore Education gives parents of our students access to news, events, information, and commuication with their teacher. Sign up and stay connected with your child's education.

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